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When touching the wires an intruder would experience a short Sharpe but safe shock, which is enough to deter even the most determined intruder. Should the intruder persist in trying to enter the premises through the Security Solar Power Fencing System, an alarm condition is raised at the system control unit and a response activated.

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Why Use KIMEX-Z+ Solar Fence Energizer

We are fully committed to installing and maintaining high-quality fences for the effective functioning of the system for many years. While providing durable fences, we ensure the cost-effectiveness and provide fences at affordable costs. We adhere to strict quality norms for the raw materials as well as finished products that go into the manufacture of materials and construction of fences..

  • Higher Quality
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  • Lower Cost
  • Fast Implementation
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Better Safety

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Get Benefits of Using KIMEX-Z+ Solar Fencing System & Energizer.

KIMEX-Z+ brand solar fence energizer is the modern day’s alternative to the conventional type of perimeter protection. These are active fences that punish the unwelcome intruder the moment they touch the fence or tamper the fence. Conventional fences are passive fences that cannot resist the intruder if they try to enter into the protected area. Solar Fence Energizer gives a sharp, short, painful, but regulated, safe electric shock and creates psychological fear. Against tampering, the alarm gets activated and alerts the inmates of the protected area, which facilitates them to counter the unwelcome intruders.

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