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Live Light (Xenon Flash Tube)


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We Provided Live Light (Xenon Flash Tube) in havy Quality and Low Market Price. Hangs on the fence live wire and flashes with the rhythm of the electric pulses. Can be seen in the dark from a considerable distance to show the fence is working. The constant flash does help to deter and un-nerve predators so acts as a deterrent. If the fence voltage drops below 3.0KV the light will stop flashing.

  • A warning device that tells you in a flash your fence is operating.
  • Voltage indication from a distance.
  • Visible from 1,000Metres at night.
  • If incorrectly connected the Live Light will operate dimly.
  • With a fence voltage of approximately 3.0KV or more the Live Light will flash with every energizer pulse.
Brand-Name KIMEX-Z+
Color Red
Material ABS
Lighting Type Xenon
Voltage 10 KV
Visibility Range 1000 meter

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