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Super Earthing Kit


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We Provided Super Earthing Kit in havy Quality and Low Market Price.Contains bentonite and salt to improve soil conductivity around earth rod stainless steel rod for long life.

  • Provides effective earthing (grounding), particularly in difficult or poor earthing soils. (E.g.: sandy, pumice, stoney, ash)
  • The salt attracts the moisture and the absorbent clay holds moisture and increases the conductivity of surrounding soil.
  • One Super-Earth-Kit™ is equivalent to three conventional earth stakes.
  • Kit contains: Salt approx. 2kg (4½ lb), Absorbent clay approx. 4kg (9lb), Galvanized Earth Clamp, Stainless steel rod.
Brand KIMEX-Z+
Material Galvanized Iron
Equipment Type Earthing Electrode Pipe
Usage/Application Provides effective earthing (grounding) in difficult/poor earthing soil (sandy, pumice, stoney etc)
Conductor Type Galvenized
Finish Polished
Size 3'
Rod Diameter 0.5"
Kit Content Salt approx 2kg, Absorbent Clay approx 4kg, Galvanized Earth Clamp, SS Rod

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